Conferences—we can’t live with or without them. But what if we had superpowers to help us get through the most annoying parts?

1. When your sponsors keep adding to their list of demands before the event, and you can’t say no.


2. When you slept in on the day of your own keynote speech.

3.  When the EMCEE cancels at the last minute and you have to step up.

4. When you’re having ‘technical difficulties’.


5. When you’re moderating a panel and, instead of asking a question, someone from the audience gives a seven-minute speech.

6.  When you’re trying to avoid someone during the networking break.

7. What you need when you have to meet new donors during breakout meetings


8. When all you want is for people to work together.


9. When conferences are irrelevant because you have the most important superpower of them all – you are rich!

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Zarir De Vitre

Zarir De Vitre

Zarir has over eight years of experience in the sustainability space across functions such as strategy, research, communications, capacity building, employee engagement, reporting, and assurance. As an independent consultant over the past two years he has advised and supported clients with a range of services including sustainability strategy, corporate social responsibility, research, reporting, and communications. Prior to freelancing, Zarir has worked at the Tata Sustainability Group, Ernst & Young and the Mahindra Group.

Rachita Vora

Rachita Vora

Rachita is Co-founder and Director at IDR. Before this, she led the Dasra Girl Alliance, an INR 250 crore multi-stakeholder platform that sought to empower adolescent girls in India. She has a decade of experience, and has spent the past eight years working in the areas of financial inclusion, livelihoods and public health. She has led functions across strategy, business development, communications and partnerships, and her writing has been featured in the Guardian, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Next Billion and Alliance Magazine. Rachita has an MBA from Judge Business School at Cambridge University and a BA in History from Yale University.

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