With the new season of Koffee with Karan airing just yesterday, we thought we'd take a walk down memory lane, looking at past shows that mirror the stuff people say in development.

1. The social sector needs to adopt some private sector rigour and best practices

Did you mean things like reasonable pay and working coffee machines? No? You meant more trackers and review meetings. Definitely the first time anyone’s had that idea!

shit people say


2. Are we really moving the needle?

Well it’s been 45 minutes since this meeting was scheduled to end, leaving no time to do any actual work so at least we’re moving the needle towards quitting time.

shit people say


3. Collaboration is critical for success

But only if our funders make us. And we get all the credit.

shit people say

4. Working with the government is core to what we do

60% of the advocacy team’s bodies now consists of sweet milky tea.

shit people say


5. *Generic joke about people sleeping in the session after lunch*

Haha joke’s on you. I was asleep earlier as we… *snore*

shit people say


6. The focus should always be on the child/community/rare fish species that is only found in the lake behind our founders house.

You know except when the funders are around. Then always focus on the funders.

shit people say

7. I’ll keep it short/I won’t take too much time.



8. We have an extremely lean team

Not literally because that joke would have been too easy.

shit people say


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Akhil Paliath

Akhil Paliath

Akhil Paliath works with Central Square Foundation(CSF), as a part of the team helping the Gujarat education department design and implement a long-term quality improvement plan to improve learning. Before joining CSF he worked as a consultant with Lumen Consulting, a social sector consulting firm, and with Dasra as a part of the team that managed multimillion dollar initiatives such as the Dasra Girl Alliance and the Dasra Adolescent Collaborative. Akhil has a Masters in International Affairs from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna as well as bachelor degrees in financial markets and international relations from the University of Mumbai and London.

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