October 8, 2018

12 Disney gifs that describe your nonprofit life

Because Disney makes everything - including your work-related anxiety - more palatable.

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1. When your rehearsed funder pitch just isn’t working

disney gifs hercules

2. When your friends ask why you do what you do

disney gifs little mermaid


3. When the grant you wrote a 106 page application for isn’t what you thought it’d be

disney gif

4. When your grantee organisations just won’t listen

disney gifs mulan


5. When you’re the only woman on a panel

disney gifs frog princess


6. a) Prepping for that donor field visit

disney gifs beauty


6. b) Asking your team to prep for it

disney gifs beauty 2


7. Finding an organisation you actually want to collaborate with

disney gifs tarzan


8. When your fundraising manager has no boundaries*

disney gifs mulan2


9.  When you have one minute to give your elevator pitch


10. When your favourite donor talks about your organisation at a conference

disney gifs hercules 2


11. When you’ve been at your organisation for a year and have to mentor the summer interns

disney gifs lion king 2


12. The weekend, every weekend.

disney gifs frozen

* Update: In an earlier version of this article, this gif was captioned “When your fundraising manager has no chill”. It was edited so that our non-millennial team members could understand it. 

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