July 11, 2022

Five pie-charts for your communications life

As development sector communications professionals, we should get an evening off to commiserate.

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Pie chart that indicates that 90 percent of funders want organisations to invest in communications, but only 10 percent of them are willing to pay for it.


Pie chart that indicates that that director or funder spends the most time reviewing social media post, whereas the intern hired to post on social media spends the least time doing so-communications


Pie chart that illustrates that most common requests a communications person receives, which include making the PPT more engaging without changing it, getting events covered by press, making a post go viral, and starting a podcast.


Pie chart that illustrates the numerous tasks a communications person at a nonprofit does, which include social media, blog posts, podcasts, PPTs, videos, fundraising material, etc.


Pie chart that indicates that 90 percent of teams ask for communications support, but only 10 percent of teams ask for communications support while providing enough time for execution.
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