Dheeraj Dubey

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Dheeraj is a documentary filmmaker currently working with the vocational skilling arm of Pratham, on media and research projects. His key area of interest lies in the study of visual mediums such as film and imagery. He has previously worked on various documentary films under the ambit of education, art and livelihoods. You can reach Dheeraj at [email protected]

Articles by Dheeraj Dubey

Woman carrying heavy load of cement on her head

June 12, 2020
Photo essay: The everyday lives of migrants
Migrant labourers built the cities we live in—but how much do we know about their lives and working conditions?
Young Indian girl seated alongside two older Indians-migration

March 6, 2019
Women, work, and migration
Social barriers have historically been blamed for the lack of gender parity in the workplace. But there are other dimensions to this age-old discourse.
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