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Havovi Wadia is CEO at STCI. She has over two decades of experience across diverse sectors having started her career as a teacher, moved into banking, and then to the development sector. She is committed to the rights of children and to an understanding of childhoods. Her current focus is on visiblising the particular vulnerabilities of survivors of trafficking and children with disabilities and finding ways to mobilise support, and long-term change for them from a range of stakeholders.

Articles by Havovi Wadia


April 14, 2021
Creative protest and play: What can they teach us?
By using play we can find space to protest, and do it legitimately. And in doing so, potentially change something in the world around us.
Person reading a newspaper-crimes against women

February 24, 2021
We need to change how we report crimes against women
Analysing data on violence against women solely based on the number of cases registered fails to provide a complete picture.
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