The king in the Northeast

by Nishant Sinha
Mon district, Nagaland

Men from the Konyak tribe sitting_Nagaland_Ground Up

The ‘Angh’, as the headhunting Konyak tribe calls its king, sat in his kitchen (extreme right) lazing with his entourage on a pleasant Tuesday afternoon in Hongphoi village. Approximately 84 years old, he is the last of the Konyak kings with the traditional facial tattoo, now hidden behind his wrinkles. Naturally, he and his peers are the subjects of interest of many a tourist.

But when I, through my interpreter, asked them about their thoughts on tourists who visit and spend time with them, they said they enjoyed the attention and company of curious strangers.

Nishant Sinha is a co-founder at ChaloHoppo, a travel company based in Northeast India.

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