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Swaha Sahoo is director at the Centre for Intrinsic Motivation (CIM), an Indian nonprofit that designs and implements behaviour change initiatives at scale leading to motivating every child, teacher, and official to learn and improve. Previously, she spent a decade with the Tata Trusts leading the Parag Initiative. A World Bank scholar, she has a degree in international education and development from the University of Sussex.

Articles by Swaha Sahoo

teacher laughing with student-education

ডিসেম্বর 6, 2023
A for Attitude: Behaviour change and the school education system
School administrators and teachers are learning new techniques of self-reflection and communication to improve learning outcomes.
An image of a woman holding a mobile phone with a zoom video playing on it. We can see her saree, there are bangles on her hand, and we can see her id card hanging. As we move from digital learning to physically attending schools again, what steps can policymakers take to create a supportive and enabling environment for government school teachers-teachers

নভেম্বর 30, 2021
What motivated teachers during the pandemic?
As schools reopen, here are six steps policymakers can take to create a supportive and enabling environment for government school teachers.
group of five people sitting together at a teacher training session, surrounded by books-teacher training

আগস্ট 18, 2020
Taking teacher training online
Lessons and challenges to keep in mind while designing online professional development sessions for teachers.
child sitting on a table and doing homework-education

জুন 2, 2020
Funders need to think beyond the pandemic
If we want to use the crisis as an opportunity to transform education, we will need to fund education nonprofits at multiple levels, starting with the cost of technology itself.
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