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A woman manually transporting maize in Punjab-food security

Rising temperatures threaten India’s crop yields and food security
Shifting weather patterns and heatwaves in India threaten income and food security. Here’s how farmers, scientists, and others are adapting.


A Warli painting depicting a village community-returnable grant

Returnable grants: Securing the financially vulnerable
The returnable grant offers an interest-free solution that can help India's economically vulnerable withstand pandemic-induced financial shocks.
A herd of camels on the road_pastoralism

What pastoralism teaches us about adapting to climate change
Pastoralists in Gujarat depend on time-tested strategies to adapt to climate change. But they are invisible in state policies and remain marginalised.
A Gond painting with a white-spotted and a black-spotted rabbit and trees with moneys and birds behind them_social impact

Measuring social impact: Who decides what counts?
Arun Maira speaks with Hari Menon and Vineet Rai about how the social sector and the investing world must move beyond numbers when it comes to measuring social impact.
Illustration of people breaking through a brick barrier-law

Entrepreneurs shaping the law and social justice space
Insights from a landscape study that looks at how young changemakers and organisations are changing the law and social justice space in India to make it more equitable.
by Meghana Parik | 8 min read
Young girls walking in the street holding posters protesting gender inequality

Gender sensitisation must start young
To shift gender norms, gender awareness interventions must work with young adolescent boys and girls.
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