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Learning from the grassroots
Sujata Khandekar, Founding Director, CORO on integrating grassroots knowledge and lived experience into how we think about and approach social change.


An image of a woman holding a mobile phone with a zoom video playing on it. We can see her saree, there are bangles on her hand, and we can see her id card hanging. As we move from digital learning to physically attending schools again, what steps can policymakers take to create a supportive and enabling environment for government school teachers-teachers

What motivated teachers during the pandemic?
As schools reopen, here are six steps policymakers can take to create a supportive and enabling environment for government school teachers.
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A crisis among co-founders | Garima Sahai
Garima Sahai, the co-founder of a social enterprise focused on providing high-quality sanitation solutions for rural India, shares how the absence of a detailed road map for the growth of the organisation led to differences between her and her co-founder, resulting in Garima stepping away from their organisation.
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Building a disability-friendly workplace: Why includability matters
To go beyond the differences, leaders must focus on the commonalities between them and the person they are interacting with. To be an includable leader, one must do away with the us-versus-them narrative.
by Shanti Raghavan | 6 min read
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Why it’s so hard to raise issues with India’s financial services
The banking sector’s digital grievance redressal system needs to solve for gender barriers and limited access to technology.
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The good, the bad, the ugly: What went wrong during India’s COVID-19 response
No single entity—be it the government, the corporates, or the social sector—can operate in isolation. However, all three failed to collaborate when the pandemic was at its peak in India. Why?
by Osama Manzar | 6 min read
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