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kirit parikh blue background--climate crisis

IDR Interviews | Kirit Parikh
A glimpse of the remarkable life of Dr Kirit Parikh, who has been an integral part of India's public policy landscape for almost five decades.


A woman standing in a metro beside a poster saying '51 percent of work done by women is unpaid'_female labour force participation

What’s going on with India’s female labour force participation?
Why India's female labour force participation rate remains low compared to global levels, and what needs to be done to change it.

What does systems change look like in practice?
Lessons from a nonprofit’s attempts to change systems that impact children with developmental disabilities.
A BC sakhi speaking with two other women_financial inclusion

How banks can enable women’s financial inclusion
Despite availing schemes such as the PMJDY, women from low-income households are hesitant to save formally with banks. What can help their outlook change?
by Kalpana Ajayan | 5 min read
man in a wheelchair with a dog on a flooded road--persons with disability

Weathering the storm: Disability, climate change, mental health
Advocacy to consider climate change as a human rights issue is incomplete unless interlinked with disability rights and mental health.
by Candice D'souza | 5 min read
a woman putting corn into a can--women in india's manufacturing sector

How many women does India’s manufacturing sector employ?
Millions of women work in factories across India, but the share of their employment has not changed in two decades and the majority are employed in just four southern states.
by CEDA, Dhruvika Dhamija | 19 min read
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