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A woman explaining the layout of her village on a handrawn map on the wall--climate

India’s climate discourse needs local narratives
The language and expressions shaping the climate change conversation often don't resonate with the realities of the most affected communities. This needs to change.
by Neha Saigal | 7 min read


a woman cooking in a kitchen--migration

The many faces of women’s migration from Rajasthan
Conversations with women in southern Rajasthan reveal the changing nature of migration, as newly married women migrate with their husbands to work as kitchen 'helpers'.
poster on climate change_climate change term

Essential climate change terms explained: Part II
From net zero to regenerative agriculture, ESG, and a whole lot more, here's a guide to understanding key terms related to the climate crisis.
Workers digging pits during the weeding process to ensure conservation-tiger

A brief guide to weeding a tiger reserve in India
The removal of lantana is key to restoring ecological balance in the forest. Here’s how this invasive species is being rooted out.
a group of schoolchildren on a street--NEP 2020

How COVID-19 changed India’s education system
India’s new education policy focused on centralisation and digitisation to combat the loss of education during the pandemic. Did this really help the students?
by Shantha Sinha | 5 min read
trees in a forest_afforestation

200 years of afforestation: What can India learn?
Lessons from India’s tree plantation experiments and how different approaches to restoring forests have impacted local communities and the environment.
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