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two girls playing football at oscar foundation-gender roles

Breaking gender stereotypes, one goal at a time
A day in the life of a 19-year-old football coach from Mumbai, who is using the sport to spark a conversation about gender norms in her community and encouraging young girls to play.
by Netravati | 6 min read


Heads side of a coin positioned sideways_climate change

Climate mitigation vs adaptation
The climate crisis cannot be thought of solely as a mitigation problem or an adaptation issue—neither can its solutions. Here's why we must understand the interplay between the two.
students sitting on a floor in a classroom_youth

The NYP 2021 fails to tackle the issue of youth dropouts
To effectively resolve the widespread issue of dropouts, the draft National Youth Policy 2021 needs to address the structural factors that cause it.
A police officer working in a police station in UP-gender-based violence

Making the police more responsive to gender-based violence
Evidence shows that gender-targeted police services, regular training, and more female officers can make it easier for women to register cases of gender based violence.
two young men walking hand in hand-gender discrimination

Why gender equity requires working with men in power
Programmes that address gender-based discrimination and violence must move beyond working with disadvantaged men and look to target those in power.
by Abhijit Das | 5 min read
A man and woman crossing a river with hay over their heads_migration

How migration is changing villages in Odisha
Increasing labour migration from Odisha has led to significant economic, social, and cultural changes in home villages. Policies need to reflect the changing needs of migrants and their families.
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