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How does organisational culture affect talent retention?
A study by ISDM and Ashoka University's CSIP shows that social purpose organisations with a people-centric culture and collaborative work atmosphere are better positioned to attract and retain talent.


A man using laptop under a shade while another man waits in line with a cylinder_technology for nonprofits

Tech for nonprofits: To build or buy?
Should nonprofits invest in building their own tech applications or buy off-the-shelf technology? Here's a quick guide.
One hand passing a baton to another_leadership transition

Leadership transition at nonprofits need not be messy
Safeena Husain and Maharshi Vaishnav share their experience with leadership transition at Educate Girls, with tips for organisations looking to do the same.
Documents stating tax law, deductions with paper clips_finance bill

How does the Finance Bill 2023 impact NGOs in India?
Learn about the implications of Budget 2023 on trusts and other charities in India.
night sky with stars and brown ladder-fundraising

A fundraising guide for nonprofits
Nine steps to help ensure your nonprofit’s fundraising game is stronger than ever.
by Poonam Choksi | 7 min read
blue, red, and green grafitti on a wall--adivasi languages

“Language is like air; we understand its relevance in its absence”
Two young Adivasi cultural activists talk about their work of conserving and digitising their languages and the challenges they face in their endeavour.
by Debojit Dutta | 7 min read
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