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woman using phone on the road-social media

Is social media good for democracy?
Democracy's complex relationship with social media is characterised by increased political polarisation, violence, and populism.


Women holding two digital devices for surveys

Digital transformation 101: A guide for nonprofits
Here are some guidelines for nonprofit leaders who want to leverage tech better but don’t always know how to go about it.
volunteers in village doing survey - volunteer engagement

Volunteer engagement 101
If done right, volunteering can be win-win for both the volunteers and nonprofit organisations. Here are five steps to get you started.
Money changing hands-retail fundraising

Getting started with retail fundraising
Does your nonprofit rely on only CSR and HNI funding? Adding individual donors to this mix can help organisations raise money sustainably, and do much more.
by Rishabh Lalani | 7 min read
Two elderly people walking on the beach

What a helpline for India’s elderly can teach nonprofits about scale
Successfully developing and expanding a programme in India can be challenging. Here's what the scaling up of an elderly assistance helpline can teach nonprofits about the same.
Shelves at different levels

Case study: Everything you need to know to fundraise successfully
An in-depth look at what two organisations did to build their fundraising muscle, and the multilevel impact it had in less than a year.
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