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a network of pure white staircases--nonprofit board

How to make your board more effective
To build an effective board, the right structures and processes need to be put in place.
by Aarti Madhusudan | 5 min read


close up of a flower--nonprofit leadership

What new possibilities could your leadership unlock?
Successful organisations are those that enrich, and are enriched by their communities. What can leaders do to achieve this?
An old man using a phone_phone surveys

Best practices for conducting phone surveys
Learn effective strategies for conducting meaningful and personal phone surveys, that prioritise empathy and trust-building.
by Bhavya Khare | 5 min read
A group of school boys hanging out-life skills

What is lacking in life skills assessments in India?
Understanding a community's context needs to be at the core of life skills interventions and assessments. Here's why.
man in a shop using his phone_chatbox

Using chatbots in the social sector: Five things to consider
From keeping communities at the forefront, to using data responsibly, here are five things to keep in mind before integrating chatbots into your work.
by Olivia Johnson | 4 min read
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