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Children in a file at school-school improvement

Why an ineffective school improvement programme was scaled up
A programme to improve school governance in MP was scaled up despite being ineffective. What can its perceived success teach us about improving public service delivery at scale?


rural women take part in a boat race in west bengal-leadership

The road to recovery
In Part II of a conversation with Dream a Dream CEO Suchetha Bhat and co-founder Vishal Talreja learn about what it took to rebuild an organisation in crisis, and why it needed a new kind of leadership.
A man standing on a boat in the sea-leadership

Having a dream is not enough
In Part I of this conversation, Dream a Dream’s co-founder Vishal Talreja and CEO Suchetha Bhat share the story of the organisation’s implosion, Vishal’s burnout, and how owning up to failure was the first step in building back differently.
A Gond painting with a white-spotted and a black-spotted rabbit and trees with moneys and birds behind them_social impact

Measuring social impact: Who decides what counts?
Arun Maira speaks with Hari Menon and Vineet Rai about how the social sector and the investing world must move beyond numbers when it comes to measuring social impact.
Women assembled together in uniforms as a man talks to them with a clipboard in hand-behavioral science

How behavioural science can strengthen anti-poverty programmes
Behavioural interventions typically focus on the actions of programme participants. In order to boost their effectiveness, programmes also need to look at changing the behaviours of staff members.
by Faraz Haqqi, Mukta Joshi | 5 min read
Illustration of people breaking through a brick barrier-law

Entrepreneurs shaping the law and social justice space
Insights from a landscape study that looks at how young changemakers and organisations are changing the law and social justice space in India to make it more equitable.
by Meghana Parik | 8 min read
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