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A group of girls in school uniform_employment trends

What’s the future of employment for India’s youth?
Here’s everything you need to know about the recent ILO report on global employment trends for youth.
by Annette Francis | 6 min read


A man riding a bicycle-juvenile justice

Why preliminary assessment is against the idea of juvenile justice
In 2015, a new Juvenile Justice Act introduced the concept of preliminary assessment wherein minors aged 16 to 18 who are accused of committing heinous offences can be tried as adults. Here’s why this move compromises child rights.
A photo of a scarecrow in the middle of a large farmland-carbon credits

Monetising carbon credits: How Indian farmers can benefit
Poor soil health and decreasing profits plague Indian farmers. Selling carbon credits might be the opportunity that addresses these problems
A woman with her back to the camera holds an irrigation pipe in a field_small and marginal farmers

Making agriculture viable for small and marginal farmers
Organisations such as SSP and PRADAN are demonstrating that smallholder farming can be made viable through simple and consistent innovation.
Aerial shot of women protestors sitting_well-being

Preparing for a marathon, not a sprint 
Dalit civil rights activist Thenmozhi Soundararajan on why failure is an opportunity to build power, how systems of oppression affect well-being, and what healing looks like for individuals and communities.
Close up of various Indian newspapers-suicide prevention

The media must recognise the power it has in preventing suicide
Despite overwhelming evidence that media reports can either strengthen or undermine suicide prevention efforts, the quality of suicide reporting in India continues to remain poor. What needs to change?
by Tanaya Jagtiani | 7 min read

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