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a group of women wearing colourful clothes--tribal women

Photo essay: The life and times of India’s tribal women leaders
From empowering women and ensuring education for young girls, to fighting for the rights of their people, here’s a look at the lives of women leaders from four different tribal communities in India.
by Shreya Adhikari | 4 min read


men loading bricks on a cart-mgnrega

MGNREGA: All you need to know
Does MGNREGA still have an impact? Learn about the scheme's funding, state-wise performance, role during the pandemic, and benefits to women and migrant workers.
Two farmers standing in front of a herd of Indian buffaloes_biodiversity conservation

Pastoralism can prevent a biodiversity crisis
The world is losing its biodiversity. Here’s why it’s time to include pastoralists as partners in biodiversity conservation.
Auto rickshaw meter saying for hire_platform cooperatives

Platform co-ops: Democratising the digital economy
The dominance of a few aggregator platforms offering food delivery and transport services harms workers and consumers alike. How can platform cooperatives help?
banner displaying the name of an advocate against a blue wall-legal aid

Why is the quality of India’s free legal aid so poor?
India spends only INR 0.78 per capita on legal aid, which is one of the lowest in the world. Here's how it impacts lawyers providing free legal services.
ASHAs in Chennai - ASHA workers

ASHAs: Informal workers in the formal sector
ASHA workers are a crucial part of the public health system. Despite this, they experience precarious working conditions in the form of long hours, low wages, and a lack of social security.

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