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three women smiling and holding up copies of the Indian Constitution--active citizenship

Active citizenship: What it means and what it takes
Developing active citizenship is key to empowering communities in a democracy. Here's how nonprofits can use constitutional values to cultivate and nurture engaged citizens.


people standing in line to receive healthcare-public healthcare

The illusion of India’s improving public healthcare
National Health Accounts (NHA), 2019–20, used outdated data on out-of-pocket expenditure to paint a rosy picture of healthcare in India. Will NHA, 2020–21, be any different?
women working in a forest_forest rights

How can Adivasi communities claim their rights under the Forest Rights Act?
Two experts working on the Forest Rights Act (FRA) in different states highlight the challenges that Adivasi communities face in securing their forest rights.
government ration shop for public distribution system (pds)_millet

Mainstreaming millets through the public distribution system
India’s public distribution system (PDS) can play a role in bringing millets to the masses, echoing its success with rice and wheat. Yet, navigating this shift reveals several challenges.
a class of girls with their hands raised--participatory research

Lessons from participatory research in Jharkhand
Those with whom research is conducted are usually seen as sources, not users, of data. What happens when findings are shared with the participants of a research project?
by Akshita Sharma | 7 min read
A woman collecting wood_boiler worker

Photo essay: Workers in the boiler factories of Ahmedabad
As boiler factories in Ahmedabad flout norms, the workers carry on with their jobs in hot, humid, and extremely unsafe conditions.
by Bhargav Oza | 6 min read

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Climate Emergency

Gone with the wind: How to protect a small DRE in a storm
Location Icon East Garo Hills district, Meghalaya; Jorhat district, Assam

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