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Men and women sitting on a field in a circle_forest resources

A young woman in Gujarat helps her community save their forest
A day in the life of a young woman in rural Gujarat who is helping her community combat unemployment, access welfare, and preserve local natural resources.
by Anita Motibhai Baria | 7 min read


a group of women standing in a field--community water conservation

How community ownership sustains water conservation
Learn why women from tribal communities in eastern and central India are integral to planning, building, and managing a sustainable water conservation system.
two stacks of old, tattered bound books--sexual harassment

India’s workplace sexual harassment laws need an update
A decade after India’s landmark legislation on workplace sexual harassment was passed, gaps in ensuring that the law is gender-neutral and queer-friendly must be addressed.
ball of yarn- inclusive vocational training

Paving the way for inclusive vocational education
To achieve inclusive vocational learning for children with special needs, we need to restructure pedagogy, develop robust policies, and establish strong industry linkages.
by Laxman P Joshi | 6 min read
Two people buying medicines from a medical store_transgender healthcare

Are trans people’s healthcare needs being met?
Sensitising healthcare providers to the needs of the trans community may help address the neglect they have long faced from India’s public healthcare system.
by Ajinkya Deshmukh | 6 min read
a teacher teaching school children

How can teachers’ well-being be promoted?
Teachers' working hours are grossly underestimated and their emotional labour and administrative duties remain unaccounted. To promote their well-being, this invisible labour needs to be seen as work.

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