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Do we write off one year? Wilima Wadhwa on learnings from ASER 2020
Wilima Wadhwa, Director, ASER Centre, tells us how the lockdown has impacted students, particularly those in rural areas. She also talks about involving parents and community members more, to improve educational outcomes.


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NFHS-5 reveals a rise in malnutrition
The survey indicates an alarming increase in the number of wasting children, anaemic women, and obese men.
An image of a woman holding a mobile phone with a zoom video playing on it. We can see her saree, there are bangles on her hand, and we can see her id card hanging. As we move from digital learning to physically attending schools again, what steps can policymakers take to create a supportive and enabling environment for government school teachers-teachers

What motivated teachers during the pandemic?
As schools reopen, here are six steps policymakers can take to create a supportive and enabling environment for government school teachers.
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Hits and misses at COP 26
Ulka Kelkar unpacks what was achieved and what wasn’t at COP 26, and whether it brings us closer to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
by Shreya Adhikari | 8 min read
Laxmiprya Sahoo, a krishi mitra in Odisha working on her demo plot, where she cultivates paddy using organic methods-organic farming Odisha

“More chemical fertilisers means more diseases”
A day in the life of a krishi mitra (farmer’s friend), who works with farmers to promote organic farming and sustainable agriculture in Nayagarh, Odisha.
by Laxmiprya Sahoo | 7 min read
A boy playing cricket outside a school in Odisha Gram Vikas Ajaya Behera-National Assessment Survey-ASER

How reliable is India’s learning outcomes data?
A new study assesses the reliability of both National Achievement Survey and ASER data, and makes recommendations on how they can be improved.

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The true price of walnuts
Location Icon Ganderbal district, Jammu and Kashmir

The walk for water
Location Icon Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh

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