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Savanti Bai with her sickle, harvesting kodo millets. The small mounds dotting the field are freshly cut kodo, ready to be tied and carried away.

Photo essay: What stands in the way of India’s millet revolution?
Despite strong policy signals, millet farmers lack the necessary infrastructure and support to address the challenges faced in harvesting, processing, and storing the grains.
by Isha Chawla, Vipul Gupta | 5 min read


“My life has always been intertwined with the struggle for water”
A day in the life of an activist in Mumbai, who advocates for universal water access in the face of discriminatory policies.
two women working on a farm_mgnrega

Why rural Rajasthan needs MGNREGA
Workers, unions, and civil society highlight MGNREGA's vital role in local development and women's empowerment despite problems of budget cuts, low wages, and corruption.
Ramchandra and Sahvaniya Rana sitting under a thatched roof-forest rights

Intergenerational resistance: A conversation with two Tharu Adivasi activists
Watch Ramchandra and Sahvaniya Rana, belonging to two generations of the Tharu tribe in Uttar Pradesh, speak about activism and taking the movement forward.
a woman with a solar-powered sewing machine--decentralised renewable energy

How decentralised renewable energy impacts incomes and climate
The energy transition should do more than secure livelihoods; it should help them grow. Here’s how decentralised renewable energy (DRE) can help achieve this.
by Harish Hande | 7 min read
solar panel at dusk-renewable energy

We need to build a circular economy for India’s renewable energy value chain
By focusing on resource efficiency and reuse, circularity can benefit the environment, industry, government, and society.

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