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Do we write off one year? Wilima Wadhwa on learnings from ASER 2020
Wilima Wadhwa, Director, ASER Centre, tells us how the lockdown has impacted students, particularly those in rural areas. She also talks about involving parents and community members more, to improve educational outcomes.


Farm workers clean the solar panels for better efficiency-renewable energy

What India needs to do to achieve net-zero status by 2070
A primer on what the energy transition means for India, and the various steps the government, industry, and citizens must take to make it happen.
Failure Files podcast written on a dark blue background and an illustration of a person watering a bit F in the ground

Good intentions are not enough | Itishree Behera
In an effort to ‘bring change’ to a school, a well-meaning young professional fails to consider the perspectives of one of the most important stakeholders—its teachers.
a doctor examining chest x-rays - tuberculosis

Eliminating tuberculosis in India post COVID-19
The pandemic has set India back in its goal to eliminate tuberculosis by 2025. From the Nikshay Poshan Yojana to renewed testing and treatment efforts, here's how we can cover lost ground.
by India Data Insights | 4 min read
women looking at a health chart - maternal mortality rate

Why are women still opting for unsafe home births in India?
An analysis of nine states shows that maternity benefits under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) alone are not enough to increase institutional deliveries. Poverty, lack of education, and other socio-demographic factors also play an important role.
by Ria Saha, Pintu Paul | 5 min read
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Government partnerships: What makes them successful?
Nonprofits that work with the government must prioritise patience and perseverance as necessary skills in their partnerships.

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