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AVPN is a leading ecosystem builder that moves capital towards impact in Asia. AVPN approaches social investment as a continuum of capital, in which funders may combine grants, debts, and equity across multiple investments within their own portfolio to achieve deeper impact. Information on AVPN’s work on women’s entrepreneurship can be found here.


woman in saree cutting up a pink cloth-women entrepreneurs

May 18, 2023
Helping women entrepreneurs access finance: What it takes
Managing risks, enabling capacity building, and improving access to markets can help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
A woman sitting next to various handmade clay cups and mugs-women entrepreneurs

October 20, 2022
Mobilising philanthropy for women entrepreneurs
Women entrepreneurs in urban India face significant barriers. A study by Asian Venture Philanthropy Network outlines how collaboration between funders and nonprofits can be the solution.
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