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The India Climate Collaborative (ICC) is the first-of-its-kind collaborative working to accelerate climate action in India. With an aim to inspire, connect, and empower institutions, individuals, and communities to rise to India’s climate challenge, the ICC convenes stakeholders across disciplines to design, finance, and implement pathbreaking climate solutions.


farmer standing with his back to field_air pollution stubble burning

March 4, 2021
Reducing air pollution due to stubble burning in Northwest India
Philanthropy can play a role in mitigating air pollution and environmental degradation caused by agricultural practices in Punjab and Haryana.
Air pollution in an Indian city_Flickr

March 13, 2020
Air pollution: A problem we can solve in our lifetime
We need more support in the fight against air pollution. As donors, here are four steps you can take today.
Mumbai air pollution at dawn-air quality

January 18, 2020
10 things you didn’t know about India’s air quality
Everyone is talking about air pollution, but how much do you really know about it?
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