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Shivani Gupta works with the Womanity Foundation and leads their women’s land rights work in India. Womanity Foundation works towards creating a more gender-equitable world. Shivani works across the spectrum of strategy, implementation, and field building and is deeply passionate about gender equality. She comes with two decades of experience in consulting and technology companies. Prior to Womanity, she worked with Dasra. She is a cost accountant and holds an MBA from Mumbai University.

Articles by Shivani Gupta

a group of women sitting on the floor, talking and smiling--women's land rights

নভেম্বর 8, 2023
Women’s land rights: What funders must consider
Despite its potential as a sustainable empowerment solution, funding for women's land rights remains scarce. How can funders integrate it into their work?
Group of women_women's land rights

আগস্ট 17, 2023
Strengthening women’s access to land rights
The lack of interventions around women's land rights in India points to the need for equipping community-based organisations to handle such work. How can this be done?
Illustration of women working on land in various ways-land rights

জুন 29, 2022
Land rights as a pathway to women’s empowerment
Land is an asset that gives women financial security, shelter, income, and livelihood opportunities. Here are four ways in which funders can start working on and investing in women’s land rights.
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