Upasana Nath

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Upasana Nath works as a public policy associate at Pacta, Bangalore. She has studied the various components, such as policy and data, of the disability sector in India. Currently, she is involved in Pacta’s project on disability data gaps in India that intends to highlight data collection practices and challenges.

Areas of expertise

Disability, Urban Development, Budget Analysis, Data Analysis, Gender

Articles by Upasana Nath

A crutch standing against a wall_National family health survey

জুলাই 26, 2023
Dropping questions on disability from NFHS-6 is a mistake
Removing queries on disability from the National Family Health Survey will impact the creation and implementation of effective policies and programmes for people with disabilities.
old man with disability sitting on a chair-disability budget

এপ্রিল 14, 2023
No budget for persons with disabilities in India
The continually declining budget allocations for disability welfare reveal the need for improving the government's capacity to implement its schemes.
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