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Vansh Chaudhary is an associate consultant in the Bridgespan Group’s Mumbai office. At Bridgespan, Vansh has contributed deeply to client work focused on adolescents and systems change. Previously, he worked at Samagra Development Associates, advising state governments on transforming the quality of education in government schools, strengthening public health systems, and improving accessibility and quality of health service delivery. Vansh holds an economics degree with a minor in international relations from Ashoka University.

Articles by Vansh Chaudhary

Three farmers at the India farmers' protests with their hands raised_Ravan Khosa_Wikimedia Commons-collective

ডিসেম্বর 21, 2021
What makes collectives successful?
Community-based collectives have the power to drive transformative social change. Here’s how civil society stakeholders can better support them.
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