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Amit Basole is a professor of economics at Azim Premji University, where he also heads the Centre for Sustainable Employment. His research focuses on employment, poverty, inequality, and structural transformation.

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man in a plaid shirt walking on the street-mgnrega

November 10, 2022
COVID-19 underscores MGNREGA’s role as a safety net
A study finds that while MGNREGA had a positive impact on the lives of the poor during COVID-19, there is an imminent need to expand its budget, increase accountability, and make timely wage payments.
Aerial view of a busy market in Hyderabad- need for an urban employment scheme-picture courtesy-pixabay

December 22, 2020
Is it time for an ‘urban NREGA’?
Why India needs an urban employment guarantee scheme, how to design it, and what critics have to say about it.
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