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Saba Kohli Dave is an editorial associate at IDR, where she is responsible for writing, editing, sourcing, and publishing content. She has a degree in anthropology and is interested in development and education from a ground-up perspective. She has worked with the Social Work and Research Centre, Barefoot College, and the School for Democracy. Saba’s experience includes building models for rural community libraries and making curriculums on democratic and constitutional values.

Articles by Saba Kohli Dave

two women working on a farm_mgnrega

June 11, 2024
Why rural Rajasthan needs MGNREGA
Workers, unions, and civil society highlight MGNREGA's vital role in local development and women's empowerment despite problems of budget cuts, low wages, and corruption.
coloured pencils against a white background_m&e

May 9, 2024
Case study: The importance of nonprofit M&E systems
Why are monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks important for grassroots nonprofits? Tapasya's journey presents the critical role they can play in driving impact and growth.
People climbing down a flight of stairs of a building with a mural of Babasaheb Ambedkar--constitutional values

January 30, 2024
How to build constitutional values at the grassroots
Here's how civil society and the government can ensure that constitutional values get translated into their work with communities on ground.
Bald and depressed SRK-jawan

September 25, 2023
Entering the social sector: Expectation vs reality
A Jawan-style reality check.
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