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Jasmine Bal is an editorial analyst at IDR, where she is responsible for writing, editing, and transcribing content. She has previously worked as an editor at Viva Books and as a tutor at the FLA Writing Center at Sophia University, Japan. Jasmine holds master’s degrees in global studies and English, and a bachelor’s degree in social sciences.

Articles by Jasmine Bal

Navjot Singh Sidhu superimposed on a black and white image of a stadium-nonprofit humour

July 8, 2024
Navjot Singh Sidhu’s commentary for your fundraising pitch
Because every funder meeting feels like a World Cup final.
two women working on a farm_mgnrega

June 11, 2024
Why rural Rajasthan needs MGNREGA
Workers, unions, and civil society highlight MGNREGA's vital role in local development and women's empowerment despite problems of budget cuts, low wages, and corruption.
a banner saying that systems thinking is the buzzword of the year--nonprofit humour

April 29, 2024
And the award goes to…
Hint: A funding proposal without this is incomplete.
puzzle pieces against a wall-organisational development

March 21, 2024
Case study: Organisational development at the grassroots
This case study outlines how instituting formal structures, policies, and processes can influence the operations and impact of a grassroots nonprofit.
simpson sleeping_nonprofit humour

March 4, 2024
The five stages of reading a social sector report
We’ve all been there.
A baby chick on a laptop_nonprofit humour

November 20, 2023
Spam emails that we would click on: Part II
Click, cry, repeat.
a dog looking at a laptop_nonprofit humour

August 28, 2023
Spam emails that we would click on
And we think you would too.
A woman looming silk_muslim women

April 21, 2023
Muslim women workers in India: What the data doesn’t tell us
The pandemic made it easier for middle- and upper-class Muslim women to find jobs, but lower-income households struggled. Migrant workers from the community also remained invisible.
Four puppies trying to climb_nonprofit humour

March 6, 2023
What we learnt in our first six months at a social sector job
Six months? Really? It definitely feels longer.
One hand passing a baton to another_leadership transition

February 14, 2023
Leadership transition at nonprofits need not be messy
Safeena Husain and Maharshi Vaishnav share their experience with leadership transition at Educate Girls, with tips for organisations looking to do the same.
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