Muniappan is a former bonded labourer and community leader. He resides in Dr Abdul Kalam Puram, a resettlement colony in Tiruvannamalai district, set up by the Tamil Nadu government. Muniappan advocates for his community's needs with civil society organisations and government officials and works at a government-run charcoal-making unit.

Areas of expertise

Bonded Labour, Charcoal Work, Brick Making, Community Leader, Cattle Rearing

Articles by Muniappan

Man standing with a tree in the background-bonded labour

December 19, 2023
“I don’t miss anything about the life I left behind”
A day in the life of a community leader, who mediates conflicts among his people and helps them access a better life, in a resettlement colony for former bonded labourers in Tamil Nadu.
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