Arjun Shekhar

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Arjun Shekhar is a member of The vartaLeap Coalition and the co-founder of Pravah and ComMutiny The Youth Collective. He is also the founder of Vyaktitva, a performance support consulting firm. Arjun’s main strength lies in designing structured experiences and he has a vast array of interests in the field of human development. Arjun has designed the deepest learning and leadership interventions for both, the social and corporate sector. He has masters in economics and is an XLRI alumni.

Areas of expertise

The vartaLeap Coalition; Vyaktitva Design and facilitation; youth development; systems thinking; deep self work

Articles by Arjun Shekhar

crowd of young people in front of an office-young entrepreneurs

December 22, 2022
India needs more young entrepreneurs
The lack of agency and a fear of failure are preventing Indian youth from pursuing entrepreneurship. This needs to change.
A group of students discussing their work

October 27, 2020
Education and jobs aren’t enough
How we cater to the aspirations of young people is key to shaping the new world order defined by COVID-19.
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