Events and conferences

A list of social sector events and conferences spanning CSR, education, health, philanthropy, gender, social enterprises, water and sanitation, impact investing, and more. Currently, we list webinars, conferences, trainings, and so on, related to COVID-19 and beyond.

*Events have been listed chronologically (with times in IST). This list was last updated on October 13, 2022. If you would like to suggest any edits to this page, or would like us to add something we missed out, please [email protected]

Webinars & Conferences

1. Experiencing poverty and marginlisation in India

  • Theme: Inequality, gender
  • When: October 14, 7.30 PM- 8.30 PM

2. WomenLift Health South Asia PowerUp Workshop: Redefining Work/Life Balance for Women Leaders in Global Health

  • Theme: Leadership, gender
  • When: October 18, 5.00 PM-6.30 PM

Past events

1. Panchayat Leadership—Initiating agenda for Localisation of SDGs in India

  • Theme: Governance
  • When: May 10, 3.00 PM

2. What can technology do for conservation?

  • Theme: Environment, technology
  • When: June 3, 4.30 PM

3. Strengthening systems for Transparent, Reproducible, and Ethical Evidence (TREE)

  • Theme: Monitoring and evaluation
  • When: June 3, 7.00 PM-8.30 PM

4. Improvements in Tribal Health Security to Achieve Universal Health Coverage in India

  • Theme: Healthcare
  • When: June 23, 5.30 PM-7.00 PM

5. Sustainability NOW: Reimagining Bombay

  • Theme: Environment, urban
  • When: July 15, 6.00 PM-7.30 PM

6. Submarine conference

  • Theme: Communications
  • When: August 11-13, 7.30 AM- 6.00 PM