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Jean Drèze is a development economist and activist. He has taught at the London School of Economics and the Delhi School of Economics, and is currently a visiting professor at Ranchi University, as well as an honorary professor at the Delhi School of Economics. He has made wide-ranging contributions to development economics and public policy, especially in India. His research interests include rural development, social inequality, elementary education, child nutrition, health care, and food security.

Articles by Jean Drèze

MNREGA workers passing bricks on a construction site

October 25, 2019
Evidence is about facts, policy is a political decision
While economists can contribute to more informed policy discussions they ought to be cautious in offering advice on policy design.
closeup of an old woman

September 28, 2018
Ayushman Bharat trivialises India’s quest for universal health care
Little can be done without a massive increase in public health expenditure and a radical revamp of the primary health infrastructure.
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