Raghunandan Hegde

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Raghunandan Hegde works with Apnalaya as the director of impact. With more than a decade and a half of experience across programme strategy, operations, and monitoring and evaluation, Raghu’s current interest lies at the intersection of technology and social justice, and it’s potential to challenge structural inequity.

Articles by Raghunandan Hegde

A person holding a vaccine bottle and syringe-picture courtesy-Flickr

May 25, 2021
India’s COVID-19 vaccine drive is excluding millions of citizens
The government's recently published guidelines for vaccinating vulnerable groups are inadequate, and risk excluding the very people they are meant to benefit.
A surveillance camera_Carlos Twose - Flickr

April 21, 2020
Data and privacy in the times of COVID-19
As donors seek reports on nonprofit relief efforts, questions around data and dignity are more relevant now than ever.
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