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Smarinita Shetty is co-founder and CEO at IDR. Prior to IDR, Smarinita worked at Dasra, Monitor Inclusive Markets (now FSG), JP Morgan and The Economic Times. She also co-founded Netscribes–India’s first knowledge process outsourcing firm. Smarinita has a BE in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Finance, both from Mumbai University.

Articles by Smarinita Shetty

aerial photo of gray concrete roads intersecting--systems thinking

March 1, 2024
Systems thinking for climate: The role of funders
Tackling the interlinkages between climate causes and impacts needs more than money. It requires a fundamental shift in how funders think and act.
a painting of a lighthouse on a cliff with clouds-sabbaticals

February 6, 2024
The importance of sabbaticals in the social sector
Extended time off plays a vital role in making leaders and organisations more resilient. Nonprofits need more of it.
IDR Interview_Flavia Agnes_Feature Image

September 13, 2023
IDR Interviews | Flavia Agnes
Activist and lawyer Flavia Agnes tells us why securing women’s rights today seems much harder than it was in the ‘80s and argues that legislative reform is a battle half won without litigation support.
Illustration of tree with birds_climate change philanthropy

May 19, 2023
Centring equity in India’s climate philanthropy
Jarnail Singh, deputy director, India, at MacArthur Foundation, on why climate philanthropy in the country must adopt an equity lens and how partnerships in the sector can enable this.
four women standing with solar panels in their hand_women and climate change

May 16, 2023
Women can accelerate climate action
While women are already playing a crucial role in adapting to the devastating effects of climate change, they also have the potential to drive mitigation efforts.
lego blocks and org values--talent management

May 4, 2023
Case study: Getting nonprofit talent management right
Can a nonprofit build a strong team culture when strapped for resources? Arpan's talent management practices present a way forward.
an elephant crossing a forest road--human wildlife conflict

March 28, 2023
Human-wildlife conflict in the time of climate change
Climate change is a major threat to animals and their habitats, thereby increasing chances of human-wildlife conflict. Here's how we must rethink conservation efforts in light of the climate emergency.
Kirit Parikh_Illustration_climate crisis

March 24, 2023
IDR Interviews | Kirit Parikh
A glimpse of the remarkable life of Dr Kirit Parikh, who has been an integral part of India's public policy landscape for almost five decades.
A man helping another man in loading sweet sorghum stover into truck_agriculture in andhra pradesh

February 28, 2023
The changing face of agriculture in Andhra Pradesh
Repeated use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides over the years has resulted in poor soil health, pushing farmers in Andhra Pradesh to explore natural farming methods.
motorbikes and autos stuck in traffic-urban governance

February 8, 2023
Are citizens in Bangalore giving up because of poor governance?
Civic enthusiasm garnered during the pandemic has lost steam in the face of political fluidity and administrative apathy.
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