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Shreya is an editorial associate at IDR, where she manages podcasts, in addition to writing, editing, sourcing, and publishing content. She has more than seven years of experience as a media and communications professional, and has been involved in the curation and production of various art and culture festivals in India and internationally, including the Jaipur Literature Festival—where she was a core team member.

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Illustration of tree with birds_climate change philanthropy

May 19, 2023
Centring equity in India’s climate philanthropy
Jarnail Singh, deputy director, India, at MacArthur Foundation, on why climate philanthropy in the country must adopt an equity lens and how partnerships in the sector can enable this.
Figurine of a man with hands raised_nonprofit humour

May 15, 2023
Mercury retrograde: A week at work
What can we do, when the stars aren’t aligned in our favour?
an elephant crossing a forest road--human wildlife conflict

March 28, 2023
Human-wildlife conflict in the time of climate change
Climate change is a major threat to animals and their habitats, thereby increasing chances of human-wildlife conflict. Here's how we must rethink conservation efforts in light of the climate emergency.
kirit parikh blue background--climate crisis

March 24, 2023
IDR Interviews | Kirit Parikh
A glimpse of the remarkable life of Dr Kirit Parikh, who has been an integral part of India's public policy landscape for almost five decades.
Tribal women working in the plantation field

January 27, 2023
Photo essay: The life and times of India’s tribal women leaders
From empowering women and ensuring education for young girls, to fighting for the rights of their people, here’s a look at the lives of women leaders from four different tribal communities in India.
Vineeta Singh with her hands on her head-nonprofit humour

January 23, 2023
New year, no new friends
The country is obsessed with Shark Tank India, so are we, and so are our friends.
A group of three puppies_Flickr

November 28, 2022
Tips for newbie conference attendees
Attending your first development sector conference? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
a board game with colourful dice and miniature cars on a board_climate action

November 4, 2022
How do Indian states fare on climate action?
Aditya Pillai of Centre for Policy Research on why state governments are crucial actors and how empowering them can help advance climate action in the country.
A woman harvesting tea leaves in Kerala-climate

June 30, 2022
The role of CSOs in tackling the climate crisis
Koyel Mandal, Chief of Programmes at Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, on India's climate change landscape, the role of civil society organisations, and the path to net-zero.
Black and white illustration of Sushma Iyengar against a beige background

May 31, 2022
IDR Interviews | Sushma Iyengar
Recognised for her pathbreaking work in Kutch, Sushma Iyengar shares what led her to focus on the intersection of women’s rights and rural development, and why she believes the scope of women’s empowerment today is limited to economic transformation.
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