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Joeanna is a writer and editor at IDR. She has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 15 years, covering culture, built heritage, and urban history for The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, and Goodearth Publications. She has authored three children’s books—for Goodearth Publications, Penguin India, and Tulika Books. Joeanna has a master’s in English literature, a bachelor’s in journalism, a diploma in Western art appreciation, and a certificate in children’s library education.

Articles by Joeanna Rebello Fernandes

Fisherfolk handling the net in the waters_traditional knowledge

June 27, 2024
Making room for grassroots wisdom
Traditional knowledge systems in India have been left out of institutional models of learning. Here’s how including them can empower communities and drive development.
aerial photo of gray concrete roads intersecting--systems thinking

March 1, 2024
Systems thinking for climate: The role of funders
Tackling the interlinkages between climate causes and impacts needs more than money. It requires a fundamental shift in how funders think and act.
a painting of a lighthouse on a cliff with clouds-sabbaticals

February 6, 2024
The importance of sabbaticals in the social sector
Extended time off plays a vital role in making leaders and organisations more resilient. Nonprofits need more of it.
A man in a field with a windmill_renewable energy

November 17, 2023
Lay of the land: A road map for the renewable energy rookie
India’s clean energy sector is rapidly evolving, but is it the people- and planet-friendly transition everyone wants?
IDR Interview_Flavia Agnes_Feature Image

September 13, 2023
IDR Interviews | Flavia Agnes
Activist and lawyer Flavia Agnes tells us why securing women’s rights today seems much harder than it was in the ‘80s and argues that legislative reform is a battle half won without litigation support.
an image of a bridge with a background of a polluted environment

September 12, 2023
What does it take to build an environmental movement?
Environmentalist Stalin Dayanand outlines the importance of public engagement in environmental movements and argues against branding them as 'anti-development.'
four dogs sitting together--nonprofit humour

September 11, 2023
Joining the social sector: Boomer vs Gen-Z
Whether it’s a career-switch or your first job, the world of nonprofits may seem poles apart to a 40-year-old and a 20-something.
A man painting a wall_nonprofit humour

July 17, 2023
Housing ads from 2050
No surprises here.
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