February 19, 2024

Nonprofit Valentines

Who needs a pick-up line when you can send a poem?

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This fourteenth of February,
Yours is the hand I want to hold
Because last year you stayed near me
Till we meet our funding goals.


We could go out dancing
To a Valentine’s ball
But I have a better idea
Join me painting this school’s wall?


You’re charming and witty, even when you rant,
You look like you could have modelled for Rembrandt,
But these aren’t why you’re my love and confidante;
That place you won when you cleared my project grant.


We must behave with dignity
We’re in the social sector
But every time I see your face
I’m like a bee who spotted nectar.


You know how I knew
That you were the one?
You didn’t tell us what to do
You just gave us the funds!

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Picture courtesy: The Daily Wag


You’re wondering if I love you,
So let me be, um, explicit:
You won my heart when you came on
Every rural project visit.


You made a lot of money then
Now you’re a corporate crossover
And yet you say you’re here to learn
That’s why you’re the perfect lover.


Sometimes you are a scold
Sometimes you are crusty
But I know your heart is gold
You’ll always be my trustee.


There are many things I don’t know,
But this one thing for sure is fact:
Is you and me are meant to be
Together we have social impact.

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Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a writer who has worked in advertising, web content, and journalism and is now on a sabbatical to pursue literary and nonprofit projects. He has worked with nonprofits and development organisations professionally and as a volunteer or advisor, and has covered them as a journalist.