May 13, 2024

The five stages of writing an IDR humour article

Here’s what goes on behind the scenes.

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Stage one: Denial

“Does anyone really need IDR’s humour? We are a learning platform after all.”

larry david confused curb your enthusiasm--nonprofit humour
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Stage two: Anger

“If I wanted to do comedy, I would’ve joined consulting!”

“Why can’t we just publish another collection of funny tweets and call it a day?”

Larry David saying "I was mistreated"--nonprofit humour
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Stage three: Bargaining

“I really think I could execute a lot better if I teamed up with someone.”

“So you can’t help me because you’re busy drafting a 2500-word explainer on ‘systems thinking’? I thought I was writing humour this week…”

Larry David nodding and saying "Okay"--nonprofit humour
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Stage four: Sadness

“Am I not funny enough to write…humour…for…nonprofits?”

Larry David looking shocked--nonprofit humour
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Stage five: Acceptance

“What if I just repackage the few humorous tropes that we all know about the sector as the article? I’m sure it’ll turn out…

Larry David saying "Pretty good"--nonprofit humour
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Derrek Xavier

Derrek Xavier is an editorial associate at IDR, where he is responsible for writing, editing, and publishing content. He previously worked in editorial positions at Cactus Communications and Firstpost. He holds an MA in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai.