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Aaditeshwar Seth is the co-founder of Gram Vaani. He also teaches computer science at IIT Delhi. Systems built by Aaditeshwar’s teams at Gram Vaani and IIT Delhi have been used by more than 150 developmental organisations in India, Africa, and Afghanistan, where collectively more than two million people have directly touched their platforms. Several elements of their work have also been adopted by government departments in India for scaling up, and have influenced the use of ICTs for development within many international aid and development organisations.

Articles by Aaditeshwar Seth

Labour rights | Three Indian factory workers at work

February 2, 2021
Labour rights have worsened post-lockdown
The work crunch due to COVID-19 has put pressure on labour rights, with workers having to do as their companies demand, or lose their jobs.
Women workers working on site-COVID-19_NREGA_picture courtesy: Flickr

November 19, 2020
How has NREGA fared during lockdown?
Often the sole source of income for rural households, NREGA has been plagued with issues during the pandemic. Insights from the ground explain why.
People standing close to each other in a line with no physical distancing in the hospital in samastipur during COVID-19-social welfare- picture courtesy-Mobile Vaani

June 11, 2020
Our welfare system is broken
The COVID-19 crisis has exposed deep cracks in our social security and welfare delivery systems. Here’s what we need to do to build long-term and resilient solutions.
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