Amiya Chaudhuri

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Amiya Chaudhuri is a research associate at Belongg and a sociology graduate from Shiv Nadar University. She is interested in the intersection of food, identity, and social justice, and hosts a Belongg podcast on inclusive food systems. She has previously served as an AIF Clinton Fellow, worked with Timbaktu Collective in Andhra Pradesh, and conducted ethnographic research projects on food and caste identity in the city.

Areas of expertise

Research, food systems, nutrition, ethnography, intersectionality

Articles by Amiya Chaudhuri

an elderly man looks on as another man kneads dough--disabled people

November 11, 2022
The food-related challenges faced by people with disabilities
Looking closely at disabled people's experiences of procuring, preparing, and consuming food reveals what's missing from the macro debates on food security in India.
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