Anjan Swar

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Anjan Swar is a development practitioner and has 15 years of experience working at PRADAN. His interest supports his professional journey in the Indian small-animal sub-sector, which comprises millions of marginal farmers. He contributes to developing integrated livestock prototypes for marginal livestock rearers in Central India’s tribal belt. Anjan is a BTech in Electrical Engineering and is currently the livestock thematic lead at PRADAN.

Articles by Anjan Swar

A woman in a saree stranding outside her house with chickens roaming around her_livestock livelihood

July 13, 2022
The benefits and challenges of small livestock farming in India
Rearing small livestock like poultry, goats, and sheep has the potential to deliver economic benefits to women, Adivasi communities, and other marginalised groups. Here’s how different stakeholders can build the ecosystem.
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