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Ashish Karamchandani is a senior adviser at FSG. He is currently co-leading a programme to improve private preschool education for low-income households in urban India. He was the founder of Monitor Inclusive Markets (MIM), a social action unit within the Monitor Group. He also co-founded Ummeed, a nonprofit organisation in India that works with children with developmental disabilities. He holds a Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, a Master of Science from University of California, Berkley, and a PhD from Stanford University.

Articles by Ashish Karamchandani

A water tap with a lock on it

May 22, 2020
CSR is unlikely to fund new grantees this year
The shift in focus of CSR funders to COVID-19 relief work will have significant implications for nonprofits. Here are some ways they can adapt to the changing environment.
Housing in Shillong Meghalaya Dhruvank Vaidya

October 22, 2019
Five questions every social business must ask
Businesses have the capacity to address poverty at scale, but very few succeed. To change this, investors and practitioners should note four common challenges and ask five simple questions.
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