BehanBox (Voices of Sisters in Hindi) is a a women-led organisation that brings the voices of women and gender-diverse persons to the centre of public discourse. Our objective is to shine a spotlight on existing and widening gender gaps with a critical look at laws, policies, and data with a gender lens from local to the national level.

Articles by BehanBox

An elderly woman sitting in a bus.

October 19, 2022
India needs more robust policies for elderly women with disabilities
The lack of institutional care, ineffective policies, and certain social norms put elderly women with disabilities at greater risk of elder abuse and neglect.
Doctor examining a pregnant woman's ultrasound as a nurse looks on_Gates Archive-abortion

June 9, 2022
India’s abortion rights: Why we need to do more
Abortion may be legal in India, but the stigma around it and medical practitioners’ personal biases ensure that women remain hesitant to exercise their reproductive choices.
An Indian woman wearing a saree working at a construction site - gender equality

April 1, 2022
India needs a more gender-sensitive fiscal policy
Women have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. This calls for a greater focus on ensuring that our budget accounts for women’s equality and empowerment.
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