Deepa Pawar

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Deepa Pawar is an NT-DNT activist, researcher, author, trainer, and counsellor. She belongs to the Ghisadi nomadic tribe, and has lived experiences of migration, criminalisation, and social insecurity. She is the founder of Anubhuti, an anti-caste, intersectional feminist organisation. Over her long career, Deepa has worked with people from NT-DNT, Adivasi, rural, and Bahujan communities. Her focus areas include gender, mental and sexual health, sanitation, and constitutional literacy. She also works with marginalised communities on movement building and helps them reclaim their history and heritage.

Areas of expertise

Advocacy, Action Research, Mental Health, Sanitation, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Youth Leadership, Political Literacy, Constitutional Literacy, Training, Capacity Building, Movement Building, Organizing

Articles by Deepa Pawar

temporary public toilets_denotified tribes

April 9, 2024
The missing piece in sanitation access for nomadic and denotified tribes
Social welfare schemes and public facilities are not planned keeping this population in mind. Here's why this needs to change.
A man riding a rickshaw with a yellow graffitied wall in the background that says justice-denotified tribes

January 13, 2023
Mental justice: Addressing the mental health of de-notified tribes
De-notified tribes face discrimination and injustice and lack access to welfare schemes. Their mental well-being cannot be seen in isolation from these struggles.
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