Devansh Mehta

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Devansh Mehta is a journalist. He has piloted a Bluetooth-based news distribution model for media dark zones; a machine translation tool for Gondi, a low-resource tribal language; awareness dissemination on HIV and elections through airtime incentives; and a WhatsApp chatbot for citizen journalism. Devansh received his master’s degree in journalism and international affairs from Columbia University. He is a 2021 recipient of the UN Volunteers Award.

Areas of expertise

Project Management (Conceptualisation, fundraising, implementation, documentation)

Articles by Devansh Mehta

A man walks past a Covid-19 coronavirus awareness mural along the roadside in Chennai-crisis relief

October 21, 2022
Crisis relief: Where we failed and what we learnt
Five learnings for nonprofits to keep in mind before engaging in disaster management work.
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