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Gaurab Sen is the chief executive officer at Sasakawa-India Leprosy Foundation. He has two decades of experience in the development sector in India, which includes a short stint with the United Nations’ regional office in Bangkok, Thailand. Gaurab has worked in different parts of India with various marginalised communities, such as persons with disabilities, Adivasis, women, and survivors of human trafficking. He has a master’s degree in linguistics from Assam University and an LLM in Human Rights Law from Viadrina European University, Germany.

Articles by Gaurab Sen

a young boy standing on a street next to railway tracks--leprosy in India

December 7, 2023
Living with leprosy in India
While leprosy is a treatable condition, individuals living in leprosy colonies across India still grapple with societal stigma, making it challenging for them to secure employment and housing.
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