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A photo a house in Vasad, Gujarat with a women sitting in the verandah-poverty

April 27, 2022
Who is ‘officially’ poor in India?
Households just above the poverty line in India may still be deprived in many ways. Here's why we need to adopt an alternate definition of poverty.
man holding foodgrains in hand - food subsidies

March 25, 2022
Why India’s food subsidies are not enough
The public distribution system (PDS) is one of the government’s top five expenses. Yet food subsidies are inadequate. Here’s what can be done to improve the programme.
a group of craftsman working on machines-employment

January 14, 2022
How did India’s labour policies fare in 2021?
India still lacks data on migrant workers, the new labour codes are yet to be finalised, and social security programs like NREGA remain underfunded.
closeup of one person handing a package to another_pxhere-philanthropy

September 27, 2021
Individual giving in India at an all-time high
The India Giving Report 2021 finds that individual donations in India went up by 43 percent during the pandemic. Other trends include a preference for local philanthropy and giving to new causes.
A-man-getting-his-medical-check-up-Ayushman Bharat

September 10, 2021
What the numbers say about the performance of Ayushman Bharat
Despite its promise of universal healthcare for Indians, the scheme has been unable to provide quality health services to eligible patients and protect them from financial hardship.
vaccine vials-COVID-19 vaccine

May 6, 2021
Providing the COVID-19 vaccine to refugees and asylum seekers
Lack of access to the COVID-19 vaccine for refugees and asylum seekers would leave millions out, and hamper efforts to curb the pandemic in India.
saree clad women congregating_Pixabay_gender budgets

February 19, 2021
Do India’s gender budgets benefit women?
An analysis of past gender budgets reveals that allocations towards schemes that benefit women have stayed constant over the last 13 years.
Hands chained in handcuffs

October 22, 2020
Who goes to jail?
Social inequities in Indian society are replicated inside its prisons.
aerial black and white shot of brick kiln NREGA workers-Rajasthan-picture courtesy-flickr

August 26, 2020
Running out of work
Workers in Rajasthan are demanding more workdays and better wages under MGNREGA.
women threshing rice in sangrur punjab

March 31, 2020
Fighting for dignity, not profit
A Dalit movement for land rights is sweeping across southern Punjab.
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