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Jayapadma has a keen interest and engagement in sustainable development practise. Over twenty-five years she has journeyed through, learnt from, and contributed to, the work of community-based organisations, bilateral aid, and corporate social responsibility organisations. She has taught in the areas of rural management and sustainable development at IRMA Anand, TERI University, Shiv Nadar University, and IIM Udaipur. She is currently a teacher-educator at Rajghat Besant School KFI, Varanasi. She serves on the board of Voice4Girls and Timbaktu Collective.

Articles by Jayapadma RV

female sanitation worker picking up garbage_biomedical waste_covid_pxhere

May 20, 2020
What about waste?
Even though the law requires it, biomedical waste is hardly ever segregated in India. This has a direct impact on the safety and dignity of sanitation workers, especially during the current pandemic.
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