Kabir Sharma

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Kabir Sharma is the founder of DESTA. He applies systems thinking and modelling to better understand and navigate policy and sustainability problems as well as co-create sustainable pathways and strategies with organisations and communities. His work also includes building quantitative systems models to generate insights on energy, food, and natural resource management transitions. Previously, Kabir has held research positions in the energy, environment, and climate domain and carried out fieldwork on education and public accountability. He holds a dual master's in engineering and a bachelor’s in physics.

Areas of expertise

Systems Thinking, System Dynamics, Energy, Climate Change, Decision Science, Energy-Food-Water Linkages, Sustainability

Articles by Kabir Sharma

a man with an umbrella standing in a flooded area--climate change adaptation

July 27, 2023
Climate change adaptation is the need of the hour
Climate change adaptation has received far less attention and funding as compared to mitigation. The public sector must prioritise building resilience against rising climate risks to ensure a sustainable future for the country.
Heads side of a coin positioned sideways_climate change

November 25, 2022
Climate mitigation vs adaptation
The climate crisis cannot be thought of solely as a mitigation problem or an adaptation issue—neither can its solutions. Here's why we must understand the interplay between the two.
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