Narendranath Damodaran

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Narendranath has been a part of PRADAN, a premier voluntary organisation in India, for the last 28 years, and is now its executive director. As a field professional in PRADAN in Jharkhand and Rajasthan, Narendranath organised rural women in SHGs and implemented livelihood programmes. As the Programme Director in the Resource and Research Centre in PRADAN, he had been involved in a number of national and international research and documentation efforts to build knowledge from practice, and make it available in the public domain. Later Narendranath set up the National Resource Centre for Livelihoods in PRADAN for influencing and informing the design and implementation of the flagship development initiatives of the Government and facilitate policy dialogue.

Articles by Narendranath Damodaran

Women working at a construction site

October 11, 2018
When CSR steps outside its comfort zone
Corporate support to nurture civil society through collectives can lead to holistic development of the poor.
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