Neeta Hardikar

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Neeta Hardikar is the executive director at ANANDI. Her work focuses on organising women and youth to initiate and deepen processes and strategies for gender equality and women’s human rights through their collectives, CSOs, state-led programmes, and campaigns. As a grassroots activist, researcher, and facilitator for the rights of women and young people, Neeta engages and influences national and state-level movements and campaigns for people’s right to food, health, and work for social protection.

Articles by Neeta Hardikar

women sitting at a panchayat meeting-panchayati raj

December 5, 2023
What women need to succeed in panchayat elections
Despite reservation, women face an obstacle race both before and after rural elections. Urgent interventions in policy and practice are needed for true gender equality in Panchayati Raj institutions.
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