Nilachala Acharya

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Nilachala Acharya has been leading the research team at CBGA since 2016. He carries out action research on issues pertaining to public financial management reforms, impact of fiscal policies on social sectors, agriculture, and nutrition. He also conducts policy research on fiscal governance and issues related to fiscal transparency and accountability at various levels of government in India and South Asia. Nilachala holds a PhD in Economics from CESP, JNU, New Delhi.

Areas of expertise

Public Financial Management Reforms, Social Policy Analysis, Public Financing for Agriculture, Nutrition and Social Sectors, Fiscal Governance and Public Policy Analysis, Issues on Fiscal Transparency and Accountability

Articles by Nilachala Acharya

cash memo printing machine-budget 2023

February 10, 2023
What happens to Union Government funds for social welfare?
Union Budget outlays dominate the public discourse while the issue of underutilised funds for centrally sponsored schemes goes unexamined.
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