Priti Jaswaney

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Priti manages the Employee Engagement and Capacity building vertical at EdelGive Foundation. With over 9 years of experience at Edelweiss Financial Services, she looks at driving skill based and mass volunteering across Edelweiss, giving opportunities for employees to get connected to the social sector. She also looks at end to end management of all capacity building projects at EdelGive, working with the Edelweiss volunteers and external partners for execution of these projects. Previously, she worked as a Human Resource- Business Partner with Edelweiss Financial Services For over 5 years.

Articles by Priti Jaswaney

Employee engagement school kids playing with older men and women

August 29, 2017
Employee engagement: What it takes to run a large scale programme
Corporates are keen to engage their employees in volunteering programmes with nonprofits. But doing it at a large-scale, while ensuring the experience remains meaningful, is harder than it looks. EdelGive foundation seems to have some answers.
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