Priyanka Rawat

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Priyanka Rawat is a communication consultant at Hindustan Unilever Foundation. She aims to highlight the many narratives that surround water in our country. She believes that community-driven efforts are bound to change the fabric of development solutions in India. Priyanka has worked in the social sector for 13 years, supporting governments, civil society, communities, media, and various other key stakeholders. She has helped stakeholders build a better response to issues such as sex trafficking, labour issues, migration, child nutrition, livelihood for women, health, and gender.

Areas of expertise

Water conservation, strategic communication, program management

Currently working at

Communication consultant at Hindustan Unilever Foundation

Articles by Priyanka Rawat

women explaining watershed work in binpur_water crisis

March 22, 2024
Photo essay: Farmers combat the water crisis
To counter India’s water crisis, nonprofits from across the country are helping farmers adopt innovative techniques to reduce water usage in agriculture.
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