Radharani Mitra

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Radharani Mitra is BBC Media Action’s Global Creative Advisor. With over 25 years’ experience, Radharani has led interventions across new and legacy media: the Condom Ringtone, the Mr Plan Plan drama series for Ebola, the AdhaFULL TV drama on gender, and mHealth innovations such as Mobile Kunji, Mobile Academy and Kilkari, among others. Her work has won Indian and international awards, including at Cannes, a GSMA Global Award, a Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Award, and a Vodafone Mobile for Good Award, among others.

Articles by Radharani Mitra

human-centred design

November 1, 2017
Using human-centred design to deliver outcomes
Human-centred design is a buzzword in development circles these days. Yet we know of few on-the-ground examples that have been successful. Here’s one that explains how to apply design thinking, using the lens of healthcare delivery.
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