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Rathish Balakrishnan is co-founder and managing partner at Sattva. He heads Sattva's Consulting practice and products division, which creates new products and tools to solve social impact problems for a variety of stakeholders. Rathish also teaches at the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs' CSR certification course. Prior to Sattva, Rathish worked at SAP for ten years. He started his career at Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies, France, and worked with the European Commission and its partners on e-learning and knowledge management research projects.

Articles by Rathish Balakrishnan

wrong math problem on board-philanthropy funding nonprofits

July 22, 2021
Where Indian philanthropy has gone wrong
The cost-based funding approach of Indian philanthropists does more harm than good for nonprofits and for their impact.
A graphic of COVID-19 cells and a bar chart-financial sustainability-Picture courtesy: Pexels

June 5, 2020
How to ensure financial sustainability during COVID-19
As priorities for organisations, funders, and the private sector are shifting, here are five measures nonprofits can take to navigate the COVID-19 crisis.
hand picking a small leaf

November 13, 2019
A hierarchy of impact?
Creating meaningful change requires valuing different levels of impact.
blackboard drawing education in india

November 16, 2017
Education in India: Where funders need to focus efforts
Despite much investment in the education sector, learning outcomes have declined. Where are we going wrong? This article, based on a landscape study of funding in the education space, points out where the focus must lie for sector-level impact.
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