Sadaf Vidha

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Sadaf Vidha is a therapist interested in the psychosocial realities of people and the nuances at the edge of clinical material, arts, literature, poetry, politics, and social media. She uses a lens of depth psychology, intersectional feminism, Buddhism, and postmodern thought in her work with clients, in teaching contexts, and in her writing and research.

Articles by Sadaf Vidha

Muslim men at a prayer gathering--mental health

November 9, 2023
Can India’s mental healthcare system address Islamophobia?
Everyday violence takes a toll on the well-being of Muslims in India. Here’s how to build a mental health ecosystem that recognises Islamophobia and intergenerational trauma.

November 20, 2020
Who is ‘self-improvement’ for?
There are entire industries dedicated to selling productivity and self-improvement. We need to analyse their impact on mental health.
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