Sanjay Purohit

Sanjay Purohit IDR

Sanjay Purohit is the Chief Curator of Societal Platform at EkStep Foundation. He is also a strategic advisor to eGov Foundation, Avanti Finance, Advaith Foundation, Mantra4Change, Spreading Hope Foundation, and Fundamentum Partnerships. He is an innovation advisor to Unleash, a global innovation lab for Sustainable Development Goals, and a partner at N/Core, a unique nonprofit incubator. Sanjay is now applying his learning and experience to develop Societal Platforms (open digital co-creation networks) in sustainable developmental sectors.

Articles by Sanjay Purohit

A young Indian girl child standing next to a weighing scale

June 19, 2019
Rethinking participatory development in the context of scale
Redefining what we mean when we say 'participation' could lead us to approach scale in a way that takes into account local realities.
Legos - Technology platforms

February 7, 2018
Societal platforms: Reimagining development
Given the complexity of social problems, it’s time we addressed social problems through open, technology-enabled ecosystems where innovators can co-create a wide array of rapidly scalable solutions.
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