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Shreya Raman is an independent journalist based in Mumbai covering gender, health, and public policy. In 2019, she was a finalist for the Impact Journalism Grant for a report on women farmers in India. Her reports have been published in Scroll​, ​The Wire​, ​The Quint​, ​Business Standard​, and ​Bloomberg Quint​. She has a postgraduate diploma in journalism from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.

Articles by Shreya Raman

An elderly woman sitting in a bus.

October 19, 2022
India needs more robust policies for elderly women with disabilities
The lack of institutional care, ineffective policies, and certain social norms put elderly women with disabilities at greater risk of elder abuse and neglect.
Doctor examining a pregnant woman's ultrasound as a nurse looks on_Gates Archive-abortion

June 9, 2022
India’s abortion rights: Why we need to do more
Abortion may be legal in India, but the stigma around it and medical practitioners’ personal biases ensure that women remain hesitant to exercise their reproductive choices.
saree clad women congregating_Pixabay_gender budgets

February 19, 2021
Do India’s gender budgets benefit women?
An analysis of past gender budgets reveals that allocations towards schemes that benefit women have stayed constant over the last 13 years.
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